Who Are We

Genesis Technologies is an indigenous IT Software and Solutions Provider Company that serves clients from across the globe. Through our flexible business practices, we enable our clients s to operate more efficiently so to give them an edge in the market place.

Cutting the geographies and across sectors, Genesis provides end-to-end IT solutions to its clients, We have the experience of working on diverse projects ranging from simple information systems and websites to complex enterprise type architectures, desktop or web-enabled applications, traditional n-tier and service oriented architectures.

We follow three main rules to get to our goals:

Our Leadership – Mr. Ashok Holani

  • 35+ years experience in IT industry.
  • Vast experience of working on a key position with companies like HP, Intuit, Impetus & Trinet.
  • Incubated different business units -Testing/Development Centre of Excellence in Intuit and Impetus from scratch.
  • Worked closely with the offshore team and overall focus is to enhance customer value by consistently improving on deliveries.
  • 10+ years of presence in USA and closely observed changing technology trends.
  • Engaged on new products, delivery models and strategies as well and perfecting the onsite-offshore methodology.
  • Strives to enhance customer value by consistently improving on deliveries.

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/ashokholani/

Our history is one of controlled and steady growth, our approach is based on professional, technical, human and environmental standards which have evolved over time on a foundation of strong and clear business principles. All this is combined in an unswerving commitment to our clients, our people and our shared objectives. Software Company Ltd has delivered excellent software products and managed software projects from the inception of the idea, to requirements, design, coding, testing, and disseminating. We have worked with many international partners in various domains. We work as a technical partner to enterprises and startups, taking responsibility for end to end development. Our team of over 80+ professionals has extensive experience of collaborating with companies across a wide range of domains including e-commerce, fintech, banking, logistics, telecom, solar,retail, sports & healthcare.Our agile team helps you meet challenging deadlines more cost-effectively, compared with in-house development. We operate under a delivery framework that guarantees consistency, transforming years of experience into a unified approach that minimises bottlenecks.

No. of Projects Accomplished

We leverage an approach that balances best-in-breed software development practices with the reality of effectively managing IT costs.We focus on delivering excellent quality though design and engineering. We then assist your teams in adopting practical agile methods that reduce the time, effort & waste created during your software development process.

Over All Feedback

We understand that technology has to keep and be in complete consonance with the competitive strategies of our clients and businesses we service. In tune with this principle, we have worked closely with our clients in understanding their business processes and the challenges they face in the data driven information age. Deriving business intelligence from business data is as enormous challenge which our clients face. By developing custom made solution for each Industry we have helped our clients reap the fullest rewards of next generation software technologies.

Client Engagement

Our Values and Strength

Our strength lies in understanding the client’s business processes, culture, vision and goals and offering client oriented solutions, which are highly dependable. We provide consulting and IT services to clients – globally as partners to conceptualize and realize technology driven business transformation initiatives.

Results Focused

Helping our clients solve problems is our number one priority. We take on challenging work that ultimately leads to results and positive change.


We team with our clients, each other, and our partners to produce differentiated results. We value diverse opinions and ideas to generate unique and customized solutions.

Flexible and Balanced

We strive to provide each other with an environment that offers challenging opportunities but also a sustainable lifestyle. We value having flexibility in the way we work.

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