Gen-ETL – A Complete ETL Testing Software:

Every IT company today has a large amount of information for access and this is where the concept of ETL testing comes into the picture. Our In-house tool Gen-ETL caters the three prime database functions that is required for an ETL test - The Extraction, Transformation and Loading.
The tool provides the complete solution for data validation along with data integrity. The tool has been a great help to different business as it provides a fast comparison of source and data files to the target Data Warehouse. With the capability to analyze millions of rows and columns in less than a minute, the tool has helped different stakeholders in the database migration activities. GenETL has simplified comparison of database Schema across environments.

What it Does

  • Production Validation Testing
  • Source To Target Testing
  • Application Upgrade
  • Data Transformation Testing
  • Data Completeness Testing


It provides automation during ETL testing which ensures if the data is delivered correctly and is in the expected format into the destination system.
  • It helps to complete data validation and reconciliation in the testing and production environment.
  • It reduces the risk of introducing errors during transformation and avoids bad data to be transformed into the destination system.
  • It sends alerts and notifications to the subscribed users after execution.
  • Checks Referential Integrity, Data Integrity, Data Completeness and Data Transformation.
  • It supports regression testing
  • It is a commercial tool with 30 days trial and provides custom reports with alerts and notifications

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