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DevOps Services

  • Genesis DevOps services enable your development team to focus on product implementation instead of designing, creating, maintaining infrastructure.
  • Our solutions emphasize communication, collaboration, integration and automation, to remove bottlenecks in software development process.
  • Primary aim of our DevOps services is to plug the gaps that exist between software development, quality assurance, and IT operations.
  • Genesis DevOps services enable you to quickly produce software products and services, while significantly improving operational performance.
  • configuration management services help in managing code, automating platforms and make server and services ready for your consumers.
  • Code Inception and Continuous Integration are the key to project success. We help you carry out integrations and improve team productivity as a whole.
  • Today, automation of deployment makes process efficient, Agile, error free and cuts down overall cost. We can help you with deployment automation to enable you to schedule build and releases and manage deployment across all environment.

DevOps Frameworks

  • Our in-depth understanding of DevOps practices helps you to choose right infrastructure, tools and framework for your DevOps needs.
  • We recommend right size infrastructure to achieve efficiency in terms of time while optimizing the cost.
  • To support the continuous delivery and release on demand, we can help in designing the system which help in achieving low-risk component or service-based deploy-ability, release-ability, and fast recovery from operational failure.
  • We also help you in continous monitoring of your Infrastructure and applications to ensure your services are up and running and available to end customers 24x7x365.

DevOps Process

  • We adopt to client processes, where it exists.
  • In cased client ask us to create/recommond DevOps process, we recommend agile based scrum process, as this helps us to manage different aspects of project requirements in a dynamic business environment in real time.
  • Our DevOps process enable the project team to focus on their core responsibility where they need not worry about the infrastructure management.
  • Our DevOps Process enables you to choose DevOps services at any phase of the software development. (i.e – planing , code review, Build preparation, Testing, Deployment and Monitor).

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