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Test Strategy

  • Product testing is a complex activity and require specialized expertise to ensure success. Optimal Testing aims at enhancing coverage while keeping costs and risk at a bare minimum.
  • Being indepedent software validators, we understand the complexities involved in software testing. We help you answer difficult questions given in the triangle and help you comeup with testing strategy which is just right for
  • Through our systematic and holistic approach, we help you identify critical areas of the software, right tools, right mix of manual and automation and a process which is just right fit so that you the qualithy product at the optimal cost at the market place.

What to test

  • Software success is a direct derivative of its stringent quality checks and the ability to deliver what was promised with regards to its functional, non-functional and compliance requirements.
  • Therefore it can not be a after thought and one time activity.
  • Testing therefore continous activities which goes beyond checking functionality against the stated requirements.
  • A constantly evolving software needs to be checked on multiple plartform, operating systems and browsers for functionality, performance, security, User experience, and other compliance requirement that software may have depending on business domain.
  • At Genesis we help you in testing 360 at reasonable cost while maintaining high quality statndard and meeting time to market window.

How to test

  • Testing is the main validation activity used by industry, and its effectiveness directly affect quality and has impact on resources used (time, people, money).
  • The emerging next-generation software paradigm enables vendors to offer an astounding variety of features to their customers. Technology advances and competitive pressures drive companies to rapidly add new features and expedite product release cycles. Testers are expected to test more and more code in less and less time.
  • Due lack of right tools, and frameworks the process for validating and testing the software typically always falls short of time or resources. It is therefore very important to select right tools and framework for the software under test.
  • We have expertise on most of the popular paid and open source tool available in market place. We have used these tools while executing testing projects for numerous clients. Therefore you can leverage our expertise in identifying right set of tool stack to maximize the testing efficiency and effectiveness.

Test Process

  • Every product/project has unique needs, thus a process worked well with one project may be sub-optimal in another situation.
  • A good process ought to take care of factors peculiar to the project and process.
  • Process also need to take care of peculiar need and dynamism, which could be unique to the business domain, the software catering to.
  • Testing process need to have healthy interaction with all stakeholders, including development and business analyst.
  • In real life We may have one of the following scenario related to test process –
    • Test process exists in the project – we adopt to that process and do value add through our recommendation of what may be changed to make it more efficient.
    • Test Process does not exists – In many cases we are asked to recommend the test process. In such cases we understand the project needs consult stakeholders to determine the optimal test process, best suited for the project.

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