Engagement Process

    • Project success is deeply rooted in the clarity about the engagement process and Engagement model in the project.
    • Genesis offers both Fixed Cost and White Box models to its client
      While Fixed bid offers certainty on cost and scope, on the other hand white box model offers the complete transparency.
    • An engagement model, if needed can be tailored between these two to serve the client need.
    • We help you choose the engagement model which is just right for you.

Engagement Models

Domain Expertise

    • We have executed projects on most of the prevalent domains.
    • Regular training & knowledge transfer sessions ensure that we are abreast of latest trends across business domains we delivered to.
    • We have proven track record of acquiring domain knowledge and related skilled required for successful project execurion.
    • Our team has been successfully delivering projects across numerous domains.
    • Our domain expertise shorten project time and enhance overall customer experience.

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