Software Testing

Software Testing

Software Testing is a very important life cycle activity. It is an important validation steps before software can be taken live. With the increased complexities in testing applications and ever-changing organizational needs, effective software test management has gained a lot of significance. It requires great coordination to unify team effort and client requirements with tools and technology.

Since the companies almost 100% rely on software testing to ensure quality of the software in market place, it is important that a systematic engineering approach is taken. Most of the times it is important that independent validation is performed for the software being build, as the company developing the software often has a vested interested and may not expose, defects which may require lot of rework and may be structural in nature. An independent software validation company will take a neutral stand and will do what is good for the product while carrying out quality certification.

Enterprises today are trying to discover innovative ways to curtail their software testing cost. At the same time, they desire for more efficient test strategies to enhance customer satisfaction, minimize business risk and the cost to meet industry standards and compliance guidelines.

We at Genesis helps enterprises adopt a holistic approach towards fixing the core issues in their software products, applications and systems. We add value at each phase of IT system development and management leading to enhancing application quality, reducing time to market and lowering total cost of ownership.

Every day we help our customers keep in tune with the demands of the fast changing technology landscape and the ever decreasing time to market. Whether it is an end-to-end testing activity, a comprehensive testing-outsourcing project, quality analysis project or an appraisal of an established QA process; Genesis has always come up to its client expectations. Our testing services empower customers with industry success of the testing project, enabling greater return on investment. We use proprietary/commercial frameworks as well as open source tools to provide innovative testing solutions for various applications built using emerging technologies.

We give quality solutions and support on all your problems related to the mentioned technologies:

Our team of highly qualified and experienced specialists offer proven expertise to ensure the quality and reliability of the software products in the market place. We use up-to-date tools and techniques to execute quality checklist within the specified time to meet the unique business needs of our customers.

Our focus on needs and desires of our customers ensures the best quality software for our client and thereby a good overall experience.

Our test engineering process make optimal use of available open source tools like Selenium IDE and Selenium Web Driver in test automation, J Meter for performance testing, ZAP for Security Testing to mention the important few. We emphasis on Testing Strategy, which has a good mix of manual and automation methods of software testing.

Manual Testing

Manual testing is one of the most important activities of any software test plan. In circumstances, that have frequent changes to functionalities, Manual Testing plays a very significant role. We at Genesis make sure that we identify all the real life scenario that a given application will come across and thoroughly test them before it is released to the end customer. To accomplish this we thoroughly study the system under test, develop test plan and define test scenario/test cases for manual testing. It is very important to specify the all possible cases that need to be tested during manual testing.

Through the use of sound test design techniques we make sure that there is proper and optimal test coverage and our traceability matrix and product health report enables you to make the informed decision about the product release.

With the Use of test techniques such as equivalence partition, boundary value analysis, decision table, state transition tables, combinatorial testing, exploratory testing, we try to cover maximum number of scenarios during the test cycle so as to make sure that the software delivered to customer is of high quality.

Our deliverables ensures that you have complete information on what, how and when of the software testing. The Test Strategy and Test Plan for every module ensures that we carry out the testing cycle in a planned way. The detailed test cases ensures that all real life complex scenario gets covered in the lab environment before the product is released and exposed to the real world environment,  During the course of the testing we will provide you with the consolidated test status reports periodically to enable you to take action based on the current health of the product. Finally when the product is ready to be released a test summary report is prepared which can be the basis of the sign-off for the product release.

Automation Testing

Genesis Testing Practice has a unique combination of skilled software engineering & testing teams with proven expertise in testing tools and methodologies for a wide range of solutions.

Testing saves time in a product’s overall life. But, faced with pressures and deadlines, thorough testing is often sacrificed – because testing TAKES time too!

One way to ensure thorough testing from start to finish is to AUTOMATE tests.

We have successfully automated tests for multiple scenarios and clients. We use preferred automation tools such as Selenium and QTP, and specialized tools such as JMeter or Appium/Robotium. These tests have ensured 100% coverage of all tests in each build, saving hundreds of hours and numerous dollars in downstream problems.
Our automation frameworks are of highest quality and encompass complete automation suites for Ethernet, wireless and application testing. Our test automation and quality management methodology involves use of various software’s and special frameworks to control the execution of tests and software testing results.

Genesis is enabling businesses to enhance efficiency, reduce the potential for human error, speed up delivery of new services, and enable rapid return on investment by IT Process Automation (ITPA).

• We believe in delivering in Less Time and with Quality.

• We believe in Innovation

• We believe in creating your Automation Framework with negligible maintenance time.

We have in-depth understanding, expertise on the following Automation testing tools:

• Selenium

• Quick Test Pro (QTP)

• Geb and Spock

• Robotium

• Soap UI

Performance Testing

Following a proper methodology guarantees a successful performance test
project. Applications often experience performance degradation in production environment when they are subjected to continuous use, sudden spike, sustained load and the volume. Such problems in the production environment are very costly and may impact revenue as well as damage your brand value.

Our performance testing services help you in understanding application performance by simulating the production scenario on test servers prior to releasing it to the production.

Today’s IT systems are so critical that any delays or failures may cause financial damage and the loss of customers. To be confident about the performance, stability, and fault tolerance of your IT systems you can take advantage of our load testing services.

Genesis can help you at any stage of a performance testing project. Our performance testing practices are built on a measurable process that has been fine-tuned over a long period of time.

Our performance testing servi
ces enables you to:

  • Performance test your application in a cost effective way at different levels.
  • Predict performance before going live.
  • Understand the capacity of your application and take preventive measures, if any.

Through our performance testing services you can:

  • Decrease down time of your application, which may result due to non-performance of your application under load.
  • Enhance customer experience by addressing bottlenecks.
  • Evaluating if your application meets the performance related SLAs.

Security Testing

Information technology security is one of the prime risks facing business at the moment. As companies become more reliant on the information they hold, they are faced with ever increasing threats to the safety of their networks and the integrity of their data.

Security testing is one of the most neglected. However, in today’s era, when hacking is a hobby for some and an alternative career for others, the application security is one of the most vital threat, and ignoring it maybe the costliest mistake. Today, companies all over the world encounter threats of their systems and data being compromised. Many organizations realize that their customer base can survive only on the foundation of trust. This trust not only has to be gained but has to be renewed continually, and this can be done only if we can assure that the application has been secured.

We at Genesis offer security testing through our security testing specialists who can run the required security checks for your systems to ensure that it is hack proof, before it faces the real world. Our security experts perform real–world attack simulations to test defenses and uncover actual risk from the perspective of a motivated attacker.



  • Security Audits
  • Web and mobile application penetration tests


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