Payroll Management System : GenPayroll

Project Introduction:

Payroll is an integral part of all organizations. It is a method of administering employees' management in an organization.  We have built up a Payroll system, any Organization can utilize this system for managing the overall details of employees in an effective way. Some highlights of this system are described below- 

Product Requirement:

Employee Group Management
• Create and manage groups/levels
• Assign the perks and privileges to the group
Create and manage employees
• Create and manage employees
• Store personal, bank, id, pictures and other necessary documentation
• Manage Salary, salary breakup, PF, insurance, leave
• Assign employees to the group
• Manage exception, if any to the group rule
Generate Payroll
• Manage attendance and overtime
• Generate monthly payroll
• Generate pay slip
Generate reports
• Year-end salary statements for individuals and groups
• TDS, PF and other regulatory compliance reports

Product Benefits:

    1. Easy operations
    2. Easy enhancement and maintenance
    3. Low cost of ownership
    4. Low cost of operations

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