Inventory and Stock Management

Project Introduction:

Inventory and Stock Management software is accustomed to following the inventories in any Organization. It is a need of any Organization to oversee inventories in a proficient way to keep away from many clashes, for example, not having enough inventory/stock means risk of losing deals, while having a lot of extra inventory/stock is also expensive. Genesis Technologies has designed an Inventory System, using this Organization can manage their respective Customers , Vendors , Inventories , Post Billings and other essential details.

Product Requirement:

Customer Management
• Customer master
• Bar code interface
• Sales/billing
• Discount management
• Tax calculation
• Commission for sales
Vendor Management
• Vendor Master
• Management of account payable
• Payments
• Stock taking with bar code generation
Inventory management
• Item management brand wise
• Location management
• Purchase returns
Post Billing
• Pre-Delivery to delivery management
• sales return
• Return without bill
• Return without bar code
• Multi location
• Multi company
• Stock transfer between location and company
• Employee master
• Daily sales
• Sales incentive
• Sale return
• Purchase
• Purchase return

Product Benefits:

    Efficiency due to better –
    • Customer and vendor management
    • Bar code reader interface
    • Easy movement of stock between location and the company
    • Timely purchase order
    Savings due to –
    • Better management of account payable
    • Better inventory management – better handling of dead stock
    • Stock tracking
    Dynamic reports for better decision and what if analysis.

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