Project Introduction:

One of the major concerns today is to provide security by monitoring and controlling the movement of–
• Men
• Materials and
• Machineries
In and out of the organization premises. Many visitors come to meet people for official or personal reasons, which need to be monitored and controlled to ensure that no unwanted or unauthorized movement takes place. Movement of people, materials, goods and machineries need to be monitored and controlled to ensure that –
• Only authorized people have entry
• No unauthorized material is taken out of premises
• Material, machinery and visitors are traceable

Product Requirement:

Visitor ->
• Visitor Details
• Visitor Picture
• ID details with Picture
• SMS alerts to employee/resident and HOD/HOF
Material ->
• Material details
• Purpose
• Return date
• Authorization details
Resident/Employee ->
• Resident employee details
Dynamic Reports ->
• Block/department wise
• Resident/employee wise
• Material wise
• Pending items
• Purpose wise

Product Benefits:

    • Unauthorized movement is restricted
    • Timing of the movement can be monitored.
    • Individual traceability is achieved l Discipline among employees established.
    • Restricts the materials and machineries theft or unauthorised carry away.
    • Traceability of the materials moving out is achieved
    • Follow up of returnable items is possible
    • Material resources and assets protected.

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