Project Introduction:

It is an independent basic Accounting Software, Which fulfils all accounting facilities, without any pre-installations of server or any other stuff. It makes easy to keep your all accounts inside your pocket.

Product Description:

AccountingOnGo is accounting anywhere software, a simple to use program which allows you to record and maintain valuable personal financial records that you can always carry with you. It is a unique solution where all your accounting data along with the program reside on a pen drive. Which can be carried anywhere and used without bothering about leaving any footprint on the host computer. It supports creating multiple accounts of different type like saving, cash, investment and liability.You can record income, expense under different categories, transfer funds between accounts, buy/sell securities. It provides all useful reports.

Product Requirement:

    1. Cash record tracking.
    2. Asset appreciations/depreciations, transfer, Income/expense record tracking.
    3. Trading, calculation of Profit/Loss.
    4. Loan Record Tracking.
    5. Balance Sheet.
    6. Work on any operating system (platform independent).

Technologies used:

Java Swing,IReport tool,jasper api for dashboard generation SQLite3

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