Our Business Applications

Genesis Technologies has been helping the Indian businesses in computerizing their business through its cost effective solutions which is specifically designed to cater their respective target markets. We have designed desktop, web and mobile based solutions for different business segments considering the operational need of these businesses. Our solutions covers vast variety of businesses and are customizable to handle the unique situation, each business may be required to handle.

Inventory Management & Billing

Benefits –

Efficiency due to better –

  • Customer and vendor management
  • Barcode reader interface
  • Easy movement of stock between location and the company
  • Timely purchase order

Savings due to –

  • Better management of account payable
  • Better inventory management – better handling of dead stock
  • Stock tracking

Dynamic reports for better decision and what if analysis

Gate Pass Management

One of the major concerns today is to provide security by monitoring and controlling the movement of–


  • Men
  • Materials
  • Machineries

In and out of the organization premises. Many visitors come to meet people for official or personal reasons, which need to be monitored and controlled to ensure that no unwanted or unauthorized movement takes place. Movement of people, materials, goods and machineries need to be monitored and controlled to ensure that –

  • Only authorized people have entry
  • No unauthorized material is taken out of premises
  • Material, machinery and visitors are traceable


    • Unauthorized movement is restricted
    • Timing of the movement can be monitored.
    • Individual traceability is achieved l Discipline among employees established.
    • Restricts the materials and machineries theft or unauthorised carry away.
    • Traceability of the materials moving out is achieved
    • Follow up of returnable items is possible
    • Material resources and assets protected.

Accounting Software

Payroll Management System


      •  Easy operations
      •  Easy enhancement and maintenance
      •  Low cost of ownership
      •  Low cost of operations

Hostel Management

Hostel Management

If you are using this desktop application, to run your hostel/PG, it will make you relaxed in many ways as follows-

1) Paperless features saving lots of money and time

2) Customization Hostel Setup for Dorm Beds & Private Rooms.

3) Easily access information of each product/service given to the student such as WiFi, wardrobe, table, chair, etc.

4) Mess facility avail by student can be easily accessed.

5) Complete students’ data and information available on 1 click.

6) Room status, such as availability, vacant, reserved can be accessed.

7) Every person account management such as room /mess rent/ deposit charges/other charges.

8) Eagle’s eye on each and every person so that you always stay alert.

Restaurants Management



Master forms are available to feed the various information before start using the software.

There are various Master forms like Food Master (Eatables will be added like Pizza, Noodles..) , Food Type(Veg, Non-veg..) , Table Master (feed all the table numbers ) and Rate Master (feed all pre-decided rates of eatables).


1. Table – If customer is there to enjoy the food in your restaurant itself, then transactions will be operate according to table number. At the end., the Bill will be generated including all the taxs (as per the restaurant norms).

2. Parcel Facility :- If customer wants the parcel facility, then Bill will be generated including packaging charges (If applied by restaurant).

3. Table Reservation :- If customer want to reserve the table for a particular date, then he can. The confirmation receipt will be generated with the table number and the number of persons.

Reports :-

Reports of all necessary information will avail with the required filters.

Library Management

Library Management

Master Forms-

Master forms are there to add various information about the library and the existing books. Forms like- Book Master (will feed existing name of the books), Publisher Master, Author Master, Edition Master( will feed their publishers, Author and Edition respectively), Topic master, Rack Master etc.

Transaction Forms –

Issue and Submission of books will be managed and accordingly the stock will be updated.

Teacher’s Login-

Teachers can login with their credentials and make requests for required books with mentioning the quantity.

Student Login-

Students can login to their accounts and can make request to a book which is unavailable in the library. The request queue will be managed automatically.

Admin Login-

Only admin will have all the permissions like- to approve all the book requests by teachers, issue the books , requests of students for specific book (which is not available in the library), etc.


Reports of all necessary information will avail with the required filters.

Jewellery Shop Management

Jewellery Shop Management

Master Forms-

There are various master forms through which the shopkeeper can feed the information on the software like- Items (Gold, Silver, Diamond..), Products (Ring, Bangles…), Measurement units (Kg, Gm, Carat..), Rate of different metals according to market price, Vendor details and Customer details.

Transection Forms –

Transection forms will manage all the running transections like Sales, Purchase and Mortgage (Girvi) part. Also, after the completion of each transection, the corresponding Invoice will generate.

Stock Management –

Stock will be automatically managed according to the occurring transections.

Reports –

Proper reports with all possible filters are available.