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Genesis Technologies is indigenous IT Software and Solutions Provider Company that serves clients from across the globe. Through our flexible business practices we enable our clients s to operate more efficiently so to give them an edge in the market place. Cutting the geographies and across sectors, Genesis provides end-to-end IT solutions to its clients.

Genesis Technologies is all about excellence, commitment, honesty, passion and flexibility. For the last 7 years we have offered world class services in IT consulting, offshore software development, quality assurance, big data, mobile application development, internet marketing and user interface design to our clients.

We have the experience of working on diverse projects ranging from simple information systems and websites to complex enterprise type architectures, desktop or web-enabled applications, traditional n-tier and service oriented architectures.

We follow three main rules to get to our goals:




Our company provide real business enhancing solutions, which allow our clients to operate at a high level of efficiency. This is accomplished by eliminating manual effort, streamlining workflows, providing vital information needed to make crucial business decisions and most importantly, delivering real value to the products and services our clients provide their customers.

Our Values and Strength


Our strength lies in understanding the client’s business processes, culture, vision and goals and offering client oriented solutions, which are highly dependable. We provide consulting and IT services to clients – globally as partners to conceptualize and realize technology driven business transformation initiatives.

With a mix of domain, technology & project management experts, we bring the most complete team to bear on every project we take on. Our experienced staffs of professionals have worked with a wide array of platforms, languages, and tools in the course of our various projects. We have a team of well-qualified expert who we are committed to provide complete support, starting from conception and design to implementation, training and troubleshooting at very low cost.

• 80+ strong IT Professionals committed to timely deliver with quality.
• Dedication and passion for excellence
• Collaboration and Respect
• Desire to share knowledge, achievements, and experiences
• Deep understanding of best practices and tools for building and testing responsive applications.
• Commitment in delivering high quality designs, graphics, mock-ups, and layouts as per client demand.
• Portfolio of handling large accounts and Excellent Ratings with excellent Client Feedback.
• Trust, Flexibility and Transparency with our clients and Stake Holders.
• Fast track roll out capabilities right from conceptualization to timely delivery
• Effective Costing/Pricing Methods.
• Talent retention and continuous motivation.


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Simona Simpson

Customer Support

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Testimonial Katie Roberts
Katie Roberts
Customer Service

Holisticly promote performance based strategic theme areas after professional catalysts.

Testimonial Mike Anthony
Mike Anthony
Creative Director

Holisticly promote performance based strategic theme areas after professional catalysts.

Testimonial Sarah Parker
Sarah Parker
Lead Designer

Leadership:ASHOK HOLANI (Founder)

With an experience of 26+ years in IT industry, Ashok is responsible for managing high-quality deliveries within all Engineering engagements. His overall focus is to enhance customer value by consistently improving on deliveries and providing customers with high quality products. With his deep industry knowledge Genesis is able to deliver more than 100+ deliverables to small and large clients. He works closely with offshore team to help them realize the business benefits of global sourcing by maintaining excellence through process and quality initiatives.

He has been engaged on new products, delivery models and strategies as well and perfecting the onsite-offshore methodology to enable uncompromising software development while maintaining cost-efficiency for our stakeholders.

Making a great place to work really matters to us

Work should be pleasing and amusing, that’s why everyone here joined Genesis in the first Go.

At Genesis, recruiting talented people and giving them a great place to work has always been our first concern. We hire the most skilled, capable people, treat them with genuine respect, give them the means to succeed, and in return they create innovative, valuable products we’re proud to share with the world.

We have been receiving consistent positive feedbacks from our employees on our forums and on social mediums too. We provide every individual a great sense of ownership so that our people grow with time and give their best to their stakeholder